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SWIPE Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towel
Excellent dirt pick-up
  • Multi-purpose Microfiber Towel is an incredibly thick, plush microfiber towel. The ultra fine fibers are 1/100 the diameter of a human hair. Dust, dirt, oil and grease can be easily lift up from virtually any surfaces and trapped in the fiber holes. It can clean and absorb 3 times better than traditional terry towels providing faster wipe off with less effort
Strong absorbability
  • The thick, deep microfiber pile can absorb an abundant amount of water. Absorbed water can be easily squeezed or dried out hence can avoid bacteria breeding
Fine knitting technology minimizes fiber tear-off
Easy washing
  • Dust and dirt are trapped between the microfiber pores which can be easily washed away with water or detergent

Useful Tips
Principles of Cleaning

SWIPE Microfiber Towel Series
The unique structure enables greater quantity of fibers coming into contact with the surface to be cleaned. Wedge-shaped cross section threads can absorb and trap all water, providing amazing results with less strokes!

Normal towels
Normal towels only push dust and dirt particles aside. Dust and dirt are likely to remain on wiped surface.