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SWIPE The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent Pump 1000ml
Super concentrated formula. Cleans your dishes with just a few droplets
  • Super concentrated formula. Equivalent to 3 litres of normal detergents. Cleans your dishes with only a few droplets!
Hard on Grease but Soft on Hands
  • Apply a droplet or two onto sponge. The rich lather provides effective cleaning power. Wash and then rinse off, leaving dishes/utensils sparkling clean. Contains special moisturizing agent, especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Test in Germany proved that SWIPE Dish-washing Detergent is harmless to the skin under normal use.
Easy to Rinse
  • Unlike other detergents, SWIPE Super Concentrate Dish-washing Detergent is easy to rinse off. Saves time and effort!
  • Anti-bacterial formula inhibits bacterial growth on dishes/ utensils and sponges. Eliminates formation of malodour on sponges/ dish cloths.
SWIPE Dish-washing microfiber towel makes dish-washing easier
  • SWIPE Dish-washing Microfiber Towel's unique dual-sided design offers 2 surfaces for different applications. Use the side with specially designed non-scratch abrasive cleaning crystals for scrubbing away burnt residues and stubborn stains on cookware and the side with ordinary fibers for normal cleaning.

Direction for Use

Apply onto sponge. Wash and then rinse off, leaving dishes/ utensils sparkling clean!