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SWIPE Water Stains Removal Puff

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Remove water stains without scratching.

  • Specially designed polishing surface which helps remove stubborn water stains without scratching.
  • For best results, use together with SWIPE Bathroom EX

Suitable for use on various surfaces in the bathroom.

  • Bathroom mirrors, shower glass, faucets, bathtubs, sinks, stainless steel surfaces
    (Not suitable for use on mirrors/glass with anti-fog or water repellent coating, frosted glass, aluminium, iron, copper, brass, marble, car windows, painted surfaces, resin mirrors, optical lenses. *Consult manufacturer when using on special materials.)

1. Peel off the film on the back before use.
2. Wet the surface to be cleaned and the polishing surface of the SWIPE Water Stains Removal Puff with water or
SWIPE EX Bathroom Cleaner for better result.
3. Gently rub on the surface until water stains disappear.
4. Rinse surface with water.
5. Wash puff thoroughly with water after use.

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